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Bountiful Conference 2021

Bountiful Conference 2021

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"Attending Bountiful last year was an amazing experience. Gemma Hunt was an inspirational speaker who passionately shared the story of her faith and how it had shaped her life and career path. It was uplifting to meet and worship alongside women from different church backgrounds, and the conference prompted me to reflect upon my God-given gifts and how I should best use them."

Ruth MacGlip 

"For me, Bountiful was a great day of worshipping, growing and experiencing God with other women. As a youth, I didn’t know how much I would be able to relate and join in, but the day definitely surprised me. The sessions were all lead by inspiring women, who I learnt so much from. I also greatly enjoyed the worship, and felt really connected to God throughout it. I would really recommend coming this year to have heaps of fun and fellowship with women of all ages."

Megan Barnard